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"In this knowledge-and brand-based global modern economy, efficient and effective use and protection of intellectual property rights are critical to commercial success."。


inCompass IP Hong Kong comprises a team of attorneys based in our Hong Kong office. We provide the full range of IP law services, covering all IP rights including patents, designs, and trade marks in different jurisdictions.  

For foreign clients seeking IP services in China and Hong Kong:

"We are China IP experts who speak your language ..."

Having trained and practiced in the traditions of western IP jurisprudence, our principals are your experts in the Greater China and South-East Asia region who "speak your language".

For China and Hong Kong clients seeking IP services in foreign jurisdictions:

"We provide international IP services delivered to you locally …"

For P.R. China, Hong Kong, and South-East Asia based clients, this means that we are uniquely positioned to deliver international IP services in your time zone, maximising personal communication efficiency such as telephone contact and meeting in person.

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